Top 5 Posts of 2014 and What I Learned


2014 was a fantastic year!  I started blogging (semi-regularly) again and had some great feedback from people who stopped by to check out what I was up to.  Here are the Top 5 posts of 2014 based on unique views to each post and what I learned through writing those posts.  All the posts are hotlinked in the titles.

1.  How to Make a Million Dollars Mining Gold in Alaska:  Three Leadership Lessons from a Teenager

This post focused on Parker Schnabel, the star of the hit reality TV show, “GoldRush.”  I learned that you can learn about leadership even from watching highly edited reality TV.  The producer, Christo Doyle, does a good job of keeping things real.  I also learned how bad leadership can lead groups into failure.  I recommend watching the show, it is still fun and ever changing.

2.  5 Reasons to Love Minneapolis

This post is pretty self-explanatory.  I have lived in Minneapolis for over a decade now and there is a lot to love about the city.  This post gave five of those reasons.  We do love Minneapolis, just wish that it was a bit warmer in the winter months.  That is really the only negative I can think of.  The place is clean, has a low unemployment rate, and keeps chugging along.  If you have not visited, you should make a trip!

3.  How to find the best job for you in 4 steps, and how I did it

After 14 years working for a great employer, I had maxed out what I could do in that organization.  I made a big change one year ago today when I turned in my resignation and accepted a new job with Leadership Vision Consulting.  A year later, I am 100% convinced it was the right move.  My stress level is down, and my happiness is up!

4.  Top 5 Career Tips for Young Professionals

Ah the post I wish I had when I was starting out in my career.  Alas, when I started out there were no blogs and no people like me that were writing posts like this.  So, I wrote one and hope to help people out who are just starting out in their careers.  I received some really good feedback about this post and it was widely shared.  I hope you enjoy.

5.  What Really Matters and Who You Can Count On

This post was deeply personal and was in the midst of dealing with my wife being in the hospital pregnant, and dealing with pneumonia.  Some people really close to me stepped up and helped out so much during our tough time.  Things with the pregnancy have moved along nicely and we are waiting for Baby Dworak #2 to join us sometime this year.  Thanks for all your concern and support during that tough time.

So, that wraps up the Top 5 posts from my blog for the past year.  Thank you so much for stopping by and reading what I had to say.  I love when you all comment and give me feedback.  Blogs are not dead, and writing is good for your soul.

Carpe Diem in 2015!



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