If I had to do it all over again – RE: Life Lessons

A really good friend of mine was going back and forth me recently in a series of text messages about receiving some feedback.  This feedback was from an unknown source – but it was directed at them.  I told them, as I have in the past, that I am not a fan of anonymous feedback, good or bad.  If someone is passionate about giving you their opinion then they should sign their name to it.  Stand behind your word I say!

After that exchange I wondered aloud to myself, is there anything in life I would do differently?  What would be the major things I would change?  I am not sure of the correlation between anonymous feedback and these thoughts, but it prompted me to think about the course of my life so far.  What has life taught me?  So much.

I like to think as I age I am a better learner of life lessons, and I think I am.  Does age = learning those lessons in an easier way?  Not sure.

Here are a few things I think I know and would do differently if I had to live life again:

1.  I would care a lot less about what other people think of me – (most of the time they are not thinking about me anyway)

2.  See #1

3.  I would be more generous and less selfish – giving and expecting nothing in return

4.  I would worry less about being employed and more about connecting my talents and passion to a calling

5.  I would spend even more time with people who invested in my life

6.  I would spend more time with my Dad, before he passed away

7.  I would spend more time with my friend Dave who passed away way before his time RIP bro..

8.  I would have passed on dating a few people (and maybe they would have passed on me 🙂 )

9.  I would thank people who helped me more profusely

10.  I would try and nail every human interaction I had in a more positive way

Those are just a few.  I am sure we all have some.  The only thing I can do is live now – how can I look at that list and do better moving forward?  How can I live a life of no regrets?  How can we all do this?

What would be things you might do differently starting tomorrow based on reflections from your own life?  All we can do is start now.

It is up to you.

PS:  The picture above is from a golf hole I had the privilege of playing  on the island of Kauai, Hawaii a few years ago.  Before I hit my shot I took that picture and thought about how blessed my life is.  I am so thankful, so grateful, and far from perfect.

As a side note I did hit the green and if you look really closely you will see my ball.  That life lesson is that even a really average golfer can hit the green once in a while.

  • Brian Rubin
    November 13, 2012


    Thanks for this reflection. One thing that I would do differently is not limit myself based upon others expectations.

  • geri dworak
    November 13, 2012

    Your blog is very thought provoking. Love, Mom

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