Grateful & Thankful: No need to shop today

Happy Black Friday everyone!  The picture above is my family and I from last year sometime in the fall.  JD (our son) is so much taller and leaner now, but still has that magnetic smile.  Danielle (my wife) still looks as good or better than the day I met her in 2001.  I am a blessed man.  I am grateful, and really lack for nothing in my life.

Over the past few months I have started a process of giving away anything that is not being used regularly in my life.  Clothes, shoes, sports equipment, whatever.  There is less in my closet and storage areas and I cannot tell you how good that feels.  Why?

For years in my life I would use shopping as a way to feel better about whatever I was going through in life.  Not feeling that great?  I better pick up that new Ipod.  Tough day at work?  I bet Target has something I need.  You have to understand that I did very little of this consciously, it just happened.  Over time I realized this pattern and have really taken a step back from the needless consuming that I did for so many years.

Now I ask questions, do I really want something, and do I even need it?  Quick illustration.  I am an Ipod killer.  I routinely destroy Ipods in the wash, and other fun ways.  I have had a few in the past few years and not only have they not lasted (because of me) I also had thought I always need to newest one.  At some point is the 8 GB Ipod from three years ago still plenty of Ipod or do I really need the 16 GB Ipod to upgrade?  If it works, and it serves your needs, just use what you have.

Do not get me wrong here, I still shop.  It is just that I apply different screens to buying things now then when I did not think much at all about dropping money on things that were not that important – even if I thought they were at the time.

As today is Black Friday, I chuckled to myself earlier as I looked at and browsed the ‘deals.’  I realized I did not really need anything and was glad that I did not.  That fun family and I are headed to the library in a bit to check out some free books after taking a cold walk to that library.  I can’t wait, and it will cost us nothing.


Thankful in Minneapolis

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