5 Thoughts on Life, Paths, and Choices – how to choose?

During the past few weeks I accepted a new role at my current employer, Bethel University, to take on a bigger role with regards to admissions and recruitment.  It is a very exciting development for me, and I am so grateful to my supervisors who believed in me enough to offer me an increased role.  I am also so thankful to my amazing team that I have worked with the past few years and will continue to work with in this new role.  This decision puts me on a new path, with new responsibilities and just a lot of new.  So how did I make this major life choice to accept this new role?  How might my thought pattern help when you have a big decision to make now, or in the future?  Here are five thoughts.

1)  Once I knew I had a decision to make, I had a few days to process the decision.  My wife and I spent time trying to play devil’s advocate to saying yes to the new role and trying to poke holes in what looked like a great opportunity.  Always look at both sides of a decision – even with things that seem fantastic.

2)  As I have said before:  Make sure you are making the decision when emotion is not the primary factor in your decision making.  I let this question sink in for a few days and did not commit to anything before I had time to sleep on the decision for multiple nights.  Each morning I would wake up and gauge where I was feeling on the decision and it became more clear each day that I would say yes.  I think gut decisions are great, but it also is important to put logic into the situation without emotion as well – if you have the time to do it.

3)  Ask people who know you what they think you should do.  I have a number of wise friends including my wife who I ask what to do based on my situation.  If you have the luxury to ask them, do it.  They will give you perspective you might not see yourself.  Another blog post could be on why you should have friends who disagree with you and are not totally like you – this will help if you are not surrounded by a bunch of yes people.

4)  If you are a person of faith, you may want to have some dialogue (read prayer) with your higher power.  This for me is a calming activity that helps me see things more clear and understand what my gut is saying.  If you are not a person of faith, skip this step.

5)  Once you choose, stick with your decision.  Let your “Yes” be a “Yes” and your “No” be a “No.”  This is very important – the reason I go through these steps is that I want to be 100% committed to whatever I commit to.  People will appreciate it if you are not flakey once you decide.

I am so happy for this next chapter to start in my career.  So many people have helped me get to where I am now, I have spent time thanking them over the last few weeks.  When I get back from a vacation to start my new role, it will be an exciting time of change and adjustment.  Thanks to all of you who read this blog, it is fun to go through life with all of you as well.



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