2013 – Resolutions of things to do and not to do

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2013, how did you get here so fast?  I cannot even remember if I made any resolutions last year so I am guessing I did not.  This year I wanted to focus on things I will try and do more of, and less of this coming year.  I want to limit the amount to just a few so that I can look back at this time next year and gage some sort of progress, or whether I should do these at all.  Alright, here goes:

1)  I want to become even more focused on the areas I already find myself working on or in.  My job at Bethel, my coaching at Hamline, the consulting and speaking I do from time to time and most of all my family and relationships.  Wow, that is a big resolution but really it is easy for me to make because I have already tried to start doing this in the past few years.  The more focused I have tried to be, the easier it is to have good results in those areas.  So, in 2013 I want to do more of the same, and try and become even more focused.

2)  A few years ago I decided I wanted to stop the expanding nature of my waistline and I am happy to report that I am still down around 30 lbs from 2 years ago.  This is a constant fight and all I can say is, yes I do exercise but it has 90% more to do with what I eat and little to do with the miles I run every week.  Working out is great, but eating is more essential.  This is still a challenge for me and I continue to work hard on eating until I am satisfied, and not until I am stuffed.  I am much better at this then a few years ago.  During this time I have also figured out (with the help of my wife) that onions are not the best for me and almost any fried or super spicy food.  I resolve to continue to work on this and even get better at what I eat and how I fuel my body.

3)  It was a challenging thing to do but this year I gave up coaching Junior Olympic volleyball at Minnesota Select.  I did this for seven seasons and met so many great fellow coaches, players and parents.  It was really hard to stop doing something that I love doing. But, I wanted to be all in, and time wise, I just needed that time to do some more of things in point #1.  I will miss Select, but know that someday I may get the chance to be back into that level of coaching.  I am so thankful for the opportunity that Scott and Alyssa gave me all those years ago.

4)  I resolve to nail my new job.  Recently I accepted a promotion at Bethel to lead all adult recruitment of students, everything but traditional undergrad.  This is a huge challenge and I want to nail it for my team, and the bosses who had faith in my ability to succeed.  I am so energized at this new opportunity that includes my old job and adds a lot of new job.

5)  I resolve to maybe apply to a PHD or EDD program in Education.  Yes, I am hedging here.  Let us see how this one goes.

6)  I resolve to love more and judge less.  What more needs to be said about this resolution?  Try it with me.

7)  I resolve to worry even less what people think about me.

8)  I resolve to invest more in future leaders, and help them succeed.  People did this for me, I need to continue to do this for the next generation.

That is it!  What are your resolutions?  What are you going to try and focus on this year?  Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

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