Take the time to enjoy life

[caption id="attachment_142" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Roses Roses[/caption] Do you take time to enjoy life?  It seems like so many people I meet are constantly working and never disconnect.  Look, I am guilty of this infraction from time to time myself, but also want to make sure I take some time to enjoy life along the way. Work hard. Play hard. It is a both/and equation here.  It is not a one or the other proposition, it takes both.  Go hard for a time, and then rest, relax and come back charged up.  Especially if you are in some sort of leadership position this is essential because the people you work with or lead will look at the example you set. Do you constantly feel like you are at your end and you could burn out at anytime?  Those extra 10 hours at work are probably not going to help your cause. Do you feel like if you don't do something no one else will?  That is usually not true unless you are a one person show.  Also, if you do buy into this it means you may not be much of a collaborator something that is essential if you want to achieve exponential results. I am passionate about building teams where people are not free agents but rather empowered teammates who nail their own responsibilities and help out their teammates along the way.  Everyone must understand their roles, relationships, responsibilities or they will not achieve any meaningful results.  This "4 R" model of leadership I learned from Dr. Mark McCloskey and Dr. Justin Irving in my masters program.  It is simple and it works every time. But I digress.  Work hard, play hard.  Do both or someday you will end up at the end of your career wondering why you did not take time to enjoy things that you are passionate about. Do you do this?  What do you do that you are passionate about?...
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5 Thoughts on Life, Paths, and Choices – how to choose?

During the past few weeks I accepted a new role at my current employer, Bethel University, to take on a bigger role with regards to admissions and recruitment.  It is a very exciting development for me, and I am so grateful to my supervisors who believed in me enough to offer me an increased role.  I am also so thankful to my amazing team that I have worked with the past few years and will continue to work with in this new role.  This decision puts me on a new path, with new responsibilities and just a lot of new.  So how did I make this major life choice to accept this new role?  How might my thought pattern help when you have a big decision to make now, or in the future?  Here are five thoughts. 1)  Once I knew I had a decision to make, I had a few days to process the decision.  My wife and I spent time trying to play devil's advocate to saying yes to the new role and trying to poke holes in what looked like a great opportunity.  Always look at both sides of a decision - even with things that seem fantastic. 2)  As I have said before:  Make sure you are making the decision when emotion is not the primary factor in your decision making.  I let this question sink in for a few days and did not commit to anything before I had time to sleep on the decision for multiple nights.  Each morning I would wake up and gauge where I was feeling on the decision and it became more clear each day that I would say yes.  I think gut decisions are great, but it also is important to put logic into the situation without emotion as well - if you have the time to do it. 3)  Ask people who know you what they think you should do.  I have a number of wise friends including my wife who I ask what to do based on my situation.  If you have the luxury to ask them, do it.  They will give you perspective you might not see yourself.  Another blog post could be on why you should have friends who disagree with you and are not totally like you - this will help if you are not surrounded by...
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Kauai, Hawaii – it is really far away

After a long couple of flights we made it to Kauai, Hawaii.  I am often reminded when I am here that Kauai, and the Hawaiian islands are the most remote island chain on earth.  You fly and fly and fly and finally you are here.  Kauai is like the backcountry of Hawaii.  remote, even more laid back, and not overdeveloped.  We have been to Maui, and Maui is fine, but many parts are busy and full.  You are hard pressed to find 'busy' and 'full' here on Kauai.  You are hard pressed to find nightlife on the island of Kauai, but that is not something we are to hip on with a fellow traveler who is three years old named JD who wants to build sand castles early in the morning. It took a few days for me, but there was that inevitable feeling of winding down, relaxing and not really caring what day it is, was, etc.  I am there.  What day is it?  When you are here on the island there is a concept called, island time, or Kauai time.  It is laid back.  I think it took us about twenty minutes to get a sandwich at Subway, but who cares, it is warm and sunny.  What hurry are we in?  None. The green here is brilliant green, deep, in a way that contrasts against the red sand that dots the landscape as you peer around this island.  The ocean is a deep blue, one that invites you see what lies beneath.  On our second day I did a little bit of snorkeling at Anini beach and it was not the most exciting reef I have ever snorkeled in, but who cares I was in the warm water and snorkeling in December.   I moved around looking for some fish and found a few here and there, but all of a sudden I was face to face with a sea turtle.  I was a bit taken aback and moved away quickly as the turtle looked on at me in a curious way.  He was not phased by me and I went back in to observe him, or her, not sure.  I was blown away that here was a sea turtle and me, and not much else.  Maybe a sense of peace. Excuse me if I have written about this before but somewhere I...
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